Show Production

If you have an idea for a show and need someone to organize those ideas into a show production, Rebel X Sounds will help you put your creative ideas into motion. Whether you need help organizing a concert, sound design for a play, audio/video conferences, power point projector presentations, sound design for a religious service etc. Rebel X Sounds will do their best to customize what they do in order to give their clients a great experience. 

Pricing is based on the clients’ needs. Please Contact Us for a customized quote.

Tour Driving Services

Are you looking for comfortable transportation for your next ride on the town, road trip, or tour? Rebel X Sounds offers Transit Rentals for up to 14 passengers or less in their black Ford Transit featuring 2 video screens. This Ford Transit is perfect for corporate transportation, short road trips or even long distance runs. 

Live Sound & Live Recording

If you need someone to provide sound and mixing services for your next live show, Rebel X Sounds has a variety of gear to help give you a great sound to your audience. Additionally, Rebel X Sounds can provide professional multi-track recordings of your next live show. We can also supple microphones, stands, cables, etc, and can of course handle the live sound portion of the event. Post production work is also available. Rebel X Sounds can capture your solo or group performance in a public performance setting, or whether you’re performing your material live in a studio. 

Studio Recordings - RXS House Studios

At their house studio, Rebel X Sounds can provide a wide range of audio services, accommodating numerous types of clientele including, but not limited to musicians, advertising agencies, movie production houses and more. Those who’ve worked and created at their home studio have said that they find RXS House Studios to be a comfortable atmosphere with great energy where they come away with quality sound. Equipped with an isolation booth for getting clean and clear sounds, you can record vocals, live drums and many more instruments. With their rehearsal space, Rebel X Sounds can accommodate players in a band to record simultaneously. 

Equipment Rentals

Whether you need a full back line or just a keyboard or amp, Rebel X Sounds has an assortment of instruments and sound equipment that is available for rental for your next live show, party or event. Contact us about your needs for your next event, and receive a quote. 

Mixing and Mastering

Rebel X Sounds can provide quality and clean mixes, whether you need your band’s instrumentation mixed down, or whether you use digital instruments. Mastering is an art form that is an essential part of finishing your CD, and Rebel X Sounds can help optimize your recordings to bring out clarity, depth, punch and a competitive sound in today’s marketplace. 

Background Vocals

Rebel X Sounds can provide professional background vocals for a variety of projects: Jazz, Classical, Opera, R&B, Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Hip Hop, Books on tape, and many more. Daphne Brand has been singing for over 20 years, and recording professionally for over 10 years. Daphne can construct complicated or simple melodies for your project, and even expand on what’s provided for her lyrically or otherwise. Prices vary based on the needs of the client. Contact Rebel X Sounds for a quote. 

Reheasral Space

RXS House Studios provides a comfortable space welcome to banks and musicians for rehearsals. Clients may also get reasonable rates on equipment rentals when used in the rehearsal space.